Saturday, August 9, 2008

from PhD or DSc student Evelyn Flordellis, College of the Holy Spirit, Mendiola Consortium

Dear Flo,

Thanks for keeping in touch. We had been so busy the past few days (I did have moments of prayer...). You will be surprised... we are moving on with the Mendiola Consortium projects. Our new activity now is re-organizing the Mother Edelwina Science Foundation. Am very excited. Am the Programme Leader. I finished the 5-year programme and submitted it to DOST yesterday. First evaluation, very encouraging. On Monday, we will submit more requirements. I have included the concept on mobile library-a virtual classroom, an outdoor Science Laboratory including a planetarium, a carousel holding science projects(high school and college)with concepts in math, physics, chemistry, biology, energy, environment, an Eco-Science Park, Science Fair Contests featuring a yearly Arnold Janssen Science Award, and an Arnold Janssen Centennial Award in 2013 with handsome cash prizes. Lots to share later... itutuloy.. Miss you, Flo. I prayed for you on your double birthday
with Ed last Aug 3.
Take care. God loves you.



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